Club Sports and Pastimes

Table tennis has now disappeared. Bowling mats are still laid out on Senior Citizen days. Over the years cricket has been played as a Te Atatu RSA team. We’ve had teams in the Annual Round the Bays Run. Golf runs ‘hot’ at the moment.

Darts, snooker and ‘8’Ball remain the most popular inhouse sporting activities in the club. Any and all club members have open access to join in and have a go at these facilities. They are free to enjoy a game and play at their own comfortable levels of skill.

‘Specialist’ sections carry the interest higher. It is from these, that competitions are organised and teams selected to compete in local leagues against other clubs. These sections also care for the equipment.

‘8’ Ball teams travel away to play against other clubs all over Auckland, and even further afield such as Northland and Bay of Plenty.

Snooker is played to high levels of skill to the extent that Te Atatu players have enjoyed considerable success in national competitions. Similar success is enjoyed at darts. Teams travelling to take part in these competitions are supported by the Club to help with travel and accommodation expenses.

Any club member may join in the ‘inhouse’ competitions held for a wide range of trophies that are played for within the club throughout the year. These trophies have been donated by distinguished members of the club or their families over the years.

For the less active cards come out occasionally for a round of 500 or Euchre. For the less competitive minded the dining room is home to an extensive library that has been built up over the years from books donated by members. Whilst substantially of a military nature the library also includes other topics. Access is available to all members.

Of course others may choose to just sit back relax and enjoy the company of their friends, surveying the passing scene of life in the lounge or the Tom Houston Sports bar. Both are serviced by a quality bar facility.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu. Children accompanied and controlled by parents are welcome in the lounge and dining room. A wide sheltered verandah is for the enjoyment of all and a comfortable vantage point to watch evening bowling competitions.

‘Wall to wall’ Television on the big screen in the comfort of the lounge is on for the top line popular sporting events.

Friday night dances with quality bands are still hanging in there albeit occasionally punctuated by the odd Karaoke competition.

Mid week “Triv” quizzes attract support from ‘The more cerebral’.